Problem installing Blender OgreXML

I have the SDK installed on a windows 7 machine but I am unable to install OgreXML. This is what I do:

  1. I go to Tools->OgreXML->Install …
  2. I select a directory where I have a copy of the “/scripts” blender directory (I use a copy of this directory because windows 7 prevents me from using the original directory under c:Program Files…Blenderscript (although I have administration rights!)
  3. I click on “Intall Exporter Script” button
  4. A window saying “Sucessfully installed Blender Exporter!” pops up.
  5. I click OK and another window appears during one second behind the one described in (4) (it closes very quickly and I can’t read the displayed message)
  6. I select one of my projects and I click on the green “Import Model” button but nothing happens (no wizard appears).
  7. If i go again to Tools->OgreXML the only option I see is again “Install Blender OgreXML”

    Please, Could anybody tell me what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks again for your great help.

This question was already answered a thousand of times xD. The solution is here :

@zathras : I think it had to be in wiki :).

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Given the problem you cite in #2, I install Blender to a different directory, one that is not protected by Windows, such as c:programs

Once the script is copied to the scripts directory. You will probably have to activate it in Blender.

File > User Preferences > Addons > Import-Export.

Find the script in the list and active it. Then save the setup.

It is probably best to do this with the basic first-screen cube loaded, since when you save your config, that is what you will get each time you load Blender. If you don’t do this, you will probably get quite cheesed-off seeing an old model load each time you open Blender.


Thanks both for you help. It is a good idea to add this to the wiki. I searched for this several times before bothering you with it and I was unable to find the answer to the problem.

I’m afraid this is not over.

I followed your recommendations.

0) I installed Blender on a Windows 7 non protected directory

  1. I installed OgreXML from the jmonkey SDK in the Blender scripts directory
  2. I execute Blender, then File > User Preferences > Addons > Import-Export
  3. The addon was not shown in the list so I clicked on “Install Addon”
  4. I selected the file then clicked on install button and this made Blender to crash
  5. After the crash it is impossible to run Blender again (it always crashes before the main window appears unless Blender is reinstalled)

    I am working with Blender 2.60

    Has anybody experienced this problem? Thanks again for your infinite patience!.

Where did you install the .py?

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I just realized where the problem was. I installed it in C:Blender2.60scripts and it should be installed in C:Blender2.60scriptsaddons

Now it works!

Sorry for the inconveniences and thanks again for your great help