Problem moving locally

Am using the cameraNode method for getting a 3rd person perspective and the character rotates correctly with the camera behind it. The problem is I want the character to constantly move forward, and when I look up, down, left, or right the play should just keep going in the direction It’s face.

Am using “myCharacter.move(0,0,playerSpeed*tpf)” in simpleUpdate, but the character moves in the worldspace’s forward not the direction it’s facing. Tried a rewriting the code a few times but can’t get my desired effect :frowning:

That’s because move adjusts local translation… which is in parent “space” from a rotation perspective. The rotation of the spatial only affects the things under the spatial.

I don’t know if there is a better way but you can find a move direction by doing something like:

Vector3f dir = myCharacter.getLocalOrientation().mult( new Vecto3f(0,0,1) );