Problem of render of my house model

Whenever i add my house model to sceneviewer, i can see the all the walls of the house from the outside, but once i get inside the house the walls dont render and you can see straight through.

And not just sceneviewer or scenecomposer but also when i run my program on its terrain

i join this question. I had the same issue, but usually i just created model from start looking if it work in jme.

it looked like faceculling was opposite to normal culling :slight_smile: But this issue is not often BTW.

i am using blender 2.49. maybe i just was doing somethin wrong in blender, but it always had proper face culling in blender.

@tbraun96: i usually just create model by “steps” looking if it have proper face culling in scenecomposer. New material / etc. nothin help if this issue happends

Create a j3m material by selecting the geometry and going to the properties, select “create j3m” in the dropdown for “Material”. Then edit the j3m and set “FaceCull.None” as the Face Cull mode under “Additional Renderstates”.

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hmm yes, it is certainly idea. can’t check now (don’t have this issue right now :))

edit: i hope it not disable global culling out of camera view :slight_smile:

edit2: my curiosity knows no bounds, why exactly this happens?

Thanks guys! That was the problem. Just had to turn off face culling. What is the downside to this though?

You render two faces instead of one :wink: Most of the time models are hollow so theres no use rendering both faces. You’d raise fill rate (times a single pixel is being rendered).

@tbraun96 said:
Thanks guys! That was the problem. Just had to turn off face culling. What is the downside to this though?

You are rendering twice the faces even if the backs are invisible and the lighting will be backwards on the back faces.

Usually, it's better to just model the inside and the outside how you want them. It's pretty rate to want the back faces rendered because the texture and lighting are almost never right. For example, the inside of a house shouldn't look exactly like the outside, nor should the inside wall have the same lighting as the outside, etc. And I don't just mean indoor versus outdoor lighting... I mean that if the sun is shining on the front of the house making the front wall very bright then the inside front wall will also be very bright which is exactly backwards.