Problem removing geometry from physics space

I’m trying to remove a geometry from the physic space. I tried


Where ‘x’ is the geometry. However it still remains in the physics space and my player control is still colliding with it.

Bullet do not store a geometry but a physics object, and the remove method is expecting a such object as the RigidBodyConrol. So make sure the control is on the Geometry, or give a Spatial which have the RigidBodyControl you want to remove, if Node then on one of his child.

The geometry is part of the spatial I added the rigidbodycontrol to. Does this mean I need to make separate rigid bodies control for each individual object in the scene ?

If you want to remove them separately: yes.
Or you have to rebuild the collision shape.

My next question is what is more efficient ? I’m trying to use the least processor intensive methods.

It depends on your needs.
Building the collision shape has a cost, but even having a lot of collidable objects has costs.

Out of curiosity does adding a physics control control via the scene editor automatically the collision shape ? I just added a physics control via scene editor then added it in code without the collision shape and it worked fine.

I’m not sure if i understood it correctly.
You are asking if when you add a rigidbody in the sdk, a collision shape is calculated automatically? If so, yes.