Problem rendering scene to separate viewport

i’m getting a strange problem where my geometry in my scene is corrupted/large parts missing.

I’m rendering into my own viewport like this

frameBuffer = new FrameBuffer(800, 400, 0);

sceneTexture = new Texture2D(800, 400, Format.RGBA8);


ViewPort view1 = renderManager.createMainView(“view 2”, cam);





I then use sceneTexture on a quad to view the result,

I also have a sceneNode.updateGeometricState(); in my code where I initialise/change the scene - if I don’t have this the program crashes.

but here’s the strange thing - when I add a fog filter, the scene renders fine!

don’t know what’s going on,


I’m glad that for once adding a filter make things better rather than screwing them to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:

do you set a depth buffer to your framebuffer? if yes what’s the format?

aaah that was indeed the problem :slight_smile:

I had disabled the depthbuffer as I didn’t need it and thought it would save a little speed/memory…