Problem setting up JME in eclipse

I'm fallowing this tutorial

and i fallow it step by step, but at the end of tutorial i have so many errors like this:

AABB cannot be resolved

I think this problem is about build path, but i have fallowed the tutorial.

So, any help to solv this problem?


Post all those errors here, I also followed the tutorial step by step and I got it working with first try.

there is a lot of errors.  :oops:

All of then is compile errors as i told:

AABB cannot be resolved --> in BoundingBox Class

Additive cannot be resolved to a type --> in ShadowedRenderPass Class

An too many others Classes with the same problem --> Cannot be resolved.

I'm using the Eclipse Galileo, maybe this is the problem.

When you were following this tutorial, which version of eclipse you were using?

galileo works for me. I think if you are pulling it from the repository that eclipse isn't the problem just some things need to be built for it to work if I'm not mistaken.

check out the jme-setup video tutorial

Thanks a lot.

I already followed this video tutorial before, but i have tryed it again…

First I downloaded the eclipse 3.5 from

Then again follow the video tutorial and Everything works fine.

Thanks to everyone who helped me.

edit: problem solved