Problem trying to access jme-physics on sf via cvs


I’m trying to download the jme-physics project from sourceforge, via cvs. But I only got timeouts.

I’ve tried from the cvs command-line, eclipse ide and the web interface from sf with no luck.

I was wondering if it was just a problem with sf, but I got to download succesfully other projects from there, so looks like is something to do with the jme-physics project. Maybe the problem is on my side, from some isp problem to contact the specific machine in which the project is hosted.

Any ideas?  :? Does it work for you? If so, the the problem is on my side for sure  :’(

It's not only you and it's not only jME Physics: :x

See our thread here, too:

Argh…  :cry:

Thanks for the info!