Problem when export model from 3dmax 9

I have problem when i export model from 3ds max 9 . I use md5exporter script but its show 

"no skin modifier for "mymodel" "  what something wrong  my model have bipe and i use physique modifier

please help. :slight_smile:



I don't there is a physique modifier for JME. I would also like to have one, but Skin is still standard.

Do you know if 3DMax Exporter works with the physique stuff?

In next time I wanted to build a Controller for this stuff, but I must be sure, I get all infos from 3DMax.

if remember correctly derton's script does not work with physique, as for biped, I think u need to add bone to the biped at the base of the model name it origin add to the "skin" :wink: modifier with no vertex assignments link the bip "center… :?" to it, effectively making that new bone the master. haven't used max in a while, there is/was a physique2skin maxscript somewhere might save u some work. 

I thouht about Controlling directly every Vertex, like the physique stuff want it. Could be, that it can be very slow.

But all in all I'm not so sure, if this will be compatible to the max stuff.

I fetch an example Object and try this  :smiley:

There is no way to Bake the Physique modifications?

ist there any way to eport the biped for a model?