Problem where the animation channel isn't always switching animations

Hi all. =D

Sometimes, (unfortunately just sometimes) when i switch between what animation the channel is running, it doesn’t work (it continues with the currently running animation). If i call channel.getAnimationName() after the switch, i see that the name of the animation that is supposed to be running, has always been changed to the appropriate name. :-?
So even though the channel “thinks” it is running “idle” because i told it to, what is presented on the screen is still the “runCycle”.

I tried anything i could think of, and didn’t find anything on this subject neither on google or here. :google:

Could this be a bug(:shit:) in the SDK, or am i missing something important?

By the way to the guys behind the engine, great work! Considering the size of your team you really made some awesome stuff. And then it is free, and open source. Cool! 8)

The onAnimCycleDone method will always change animations when an animation is completed.

Oh, of course. Thanks!