Problem whith animation

Hi all i have problems with animations - File no longer available this is my blender format file.
I made some animations, now when i load my model,it loads fine ,but it seems it reads only 1 animation,walking animation,while when i channel.setAnim(“Stand”) it makes just a shorter pice of walk animation,and same for attack.
All it do is run walk animation or stop running it at all,i’ve opend it in scene to see if it has to do something with…and it do the same thing in scene,seems like all animations get overvrited,or i dont even know…
When i use it i export it from blender by ogre,not pure blender file.
But if i load a blender file it has not same problem,seems some thing with ogre exporter… i dont know.

The Ogre exporter loses some export data unfortunately. When you export a model, only the active animation that is selected in pose mode will be exported, so you have to export each animation separately and append the code for each animation to one .skeleton file.

I’m not sure if there’s any work around to make this any easier with the ogre exporter, but if you watch the end of this video it will show you exactly how to export your animations one at a time. Animations in Blender 2.61 and JME3 - YouTube

Alternatively, you could look into learning to work with the new GLTF format that can be converted to j3o on the master branch (I’m also working on this transition myself currently). Having used the ogre exporter to export animations as much as I have, I’d definitely suggest taking a look at the newer format.

Your actions need to be in a NLA strip when using Ogre. Although this is about Mixamo, it explains how to make a strip.

Here is a visual example of how to put all your actions into a single NLA strip.
blender to jme3 though ogre XML - YouTube .

Yeah. Just put your animations into one so called NLA Strip and you are good to go!