Problem with a normalmap

Hi guys,

i have tried to add a normalmap to terrain generated with the terraineditor.

As you can see on the picture there are these false wihte lines at the edge of the terrainquad.

I have tried a couple of differend normalmaps but these lines occurs everytime.

The normalmaps were created with gimp-normalmap and looked properly to me.

thanks in advance


Well are the normal maps tiled? They have to look like β€œone” when tiled in the image editor too.

the normalmap was created from a tiled texture and even if i scale up the texture on the terrainquad the white lines only occurs on the edge.

Sorry i messed up the image uploading.

TerrainQuad with withlines:


Well there were some changes in the terrain lately that have not been merged to stable yet, maybe this is fixed already

Looks like the normals on the edge are messed up on the terrain. I will fix it and let you know when it is committed.

I already noticed this before the changes in the terrain

Thanks for the quick response. I hope the changes are no big deal.

ok it should be fixed now in svn. The tangents were a little borked on the edges.


problem solved. thanks :smiley: