Problem with animation (milkshape)

Hi all!  :slight_smile:

First of all (my first post here),i want to thank you for the great job you have done with jme,its very well designed and also a very powerful engine. We are quite new to jme,and we have to gain more experience,but we think to use it for (hopefully) commercial projects in the near future…

Getting to the subject of this topic:

I have got some 3d models created and animated in milkshape. The animations runs fine in milk,but when i convert the ms3d into jme,then load the data,it seems to be uncorrect in some way…

For example,one of the models,a crab,has six animated legs,but when i render it in jme,one of the legs (the first) doesnt move… another model instead,does not animate at all in jme…

What can i do to resolve this problem? Is it a problem relative to milkshape or i have to do something in jme?

Thanks in advance!  :wink:

Ok,this is a model animated in milkshape that doesnt animate in jme:

In the zip archive there are the .ms3d,.jme and a texture file.

It may be a problem in jME… our importers are getting fairly dusty these days (I think they are feeling neglected.)

You might try posting a test model with such a problem to the forum (as a link.)  I won't be able to look into it personally, but there are lots of helpful folks and one of them might.