Problem with animation on imported .blend

Hi i have this file , and it seems right and nice in blender ,but as soon as i get it to jme , it breaks up.
Not totally , just in part , every thing seems close to what should be , but definitelly out of a place .

Now i have applicated , rotation , location , translation ,
And now i do not know what alse can i do , i applicated to all objects and armature .

could some one more skilled at importing files pls load it and see on both blender and jme sceen editor ?

GOD i uploaded wrong file , was 5 am at here and i did not got to sleep yet , sorry people :frowning:
Now there is right one

Did you try to export it to Gltf?
I recommend using Gltf as it has great support from JME.

No i did not , generally i just get blender files and load them in JME , and they allways worked , exept this time . WIll GlTF save whole sceen ?

It should.

What is your blender version?

Oh i keep it at version before they changed all that hot keys and interface, but cant say excactly (do not remember) Oh its 2.77

2.7 compatible gltf addon can be found here:

Thnx, i have allready tested it , and it did not worked , having same problem … I wonder if ther some thing deeply wrong with my model …

Took a look at your model, seems problem is that there is an extra Armature modifier on both meshes, remove the first modifier on both meshes.

I messed up sorry wrong file , that what was uploaded before was pretty working . Now i have change file for the right one (and checked )

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I worked alot around it , and i fount the problems starts as soon as i change scale of bones in animation .
Any one know some work around ? Rotation and alse works fine ,but scale breaks animation ?