Problem with animation on some bones of a makehuman character


I have animated a makehuman character inside blender where the character is walking around in house. The animation involves the upper and lower parts of leg and arms.

However, the animation on forearms and lower part of legs works fine in blender but when i import the blender model to jmonkey, these animations do not work. Only the animations on upper part of legs and the arms works.

In the following 2 images, in blender the knee bends while the character is walking but in jlonkey it do not bend.

Similarly, the elbow of a makehuman character is by default bended. I straighten it up in blender, and it works fine there. But when i import the model in jmonkey there is no straightening of elbow that i did in blender.

As a result when the character walks, its really something weired.

Need helpppppp plsssssss