Problem with animations

hi i have a blender model, this is a video form my animated model,


is working fine in blender. but in the jme look distorted, here is a video from jmoney.


im using blender 2.65, and “blender2ogre” 0.5.9.

when i export my animated models, i select te next options:

“copy shader programs”, “only animated bones”," export meshes", “armature animation”, “shape animation”, “independent animations”, “optimize arrays” “export materials”, "reorganiza buffers " and “optimize animatios”.

I’m doing something wrong? is a bug? , or my model is wrong?, i hope somebody help me. I’ll be very grateful for the answers.

Make sure that the transforms are all applied to both the model and the armature in blender.

What do you mean with transforms?

I mean translation/rotation/scale.
You may have aligned your model and your armature in object mode instead of edit mode.
For example, maybe you scaled or moved your armature so that it exactly fits the model. You should have done this in edit mode.
Now there is a way to apply the Object transformations to the local transformation
Select your object, and hit ctrl + A. This will pop up an menu with all the transforms you can apply. I think “visual Transforms” apply the 3 type of transforms.
Do this on both the model and the armature

thank you very much is working fine right now