PRoblem with App Settings (missing URL not allowing me to debug)

I use setttings in my main class ( I am using Eclipse)


/** MAIN */

public static void main(String[] args) {

Jme3Cinematics jme3Cinematics = new Jme3Cinematics();

// initialize internal settings


AppSettings setting = new AppSettings(true);

// set window title

setting.setTitle(“WELCOME TO MY WORLD”);

// set window height and width



// Vsynch - Set vertical synching to true to time the frame buffer

// to coincide with the refresh frequency of the screen.

// VSync prevents ugly page tearing artifacts, but is a bit slower.



// take off settings after putting them into effect



try {“com.animationSettings.SettingNo1”);

} catch (BackingStoreException ex) {

// System.out.println(“Could not save settings.”);


// start the application




however whenenver I debug I get the following error:


If I take out settings the error goes away.

Seems like eclipse adds some debugger library that doesn’t exist when you run in debug mode.

Any chance that you can post the whole stack trace including the important parts (where it actually includes non-jdk classes) at the bottom?

would that do?

On my web browser, above where I am typing this message is a little button that says “image”. When I click it and enter a URL and click OK then it automatically inserts the image in a way that won’t be oddly messed up. Just saying…

So it’s this line that is blowing up:“com.animationSettings.SettingNo1”);

Seems like something strange with the Eclipse debugger environment as that stuff is deep inside Java’s preferences API and doesn’t really have anything to do with JME.

I am loading from an app state if that might cause issues

[java] public void initialize(AppStateManager stateManager, Application app) {

super.initialize(stateManager, app);

System.out.println("Timer AppState Initialized");

AppSettings settings = new AppSettings(true);

try {


} catch (BackingStoreException e) {

// if it fails to load the settings



oO I guess I shouldn’t ask… but… Why do you load appSettings after the app has started already…?

That was not the question, anyway, ignore me.