Problem with Custom Controls ans SceneComposer

Hi, I try using Custom Control and work fine in code. Other question that I have after using SceneComposer is, when I make a new class extends from AbstractControl and implement it, when I try to add it to a mesh the SceneComposser show me a message saying “cannot find class: xxxxx make sure the name is correct and the project is compiled, best enable ‘Save on compile’……” the “Compile on save” option is active. This problem was solved when I restart the JMonkeySDK, but when I make a new class control, I must to restart the JMonkey to can use it. Other problem with this is when I make any change in the control class, no update the one asigned to the mesh in SceneComposser, in this persist the behavior of the control before I make any change.



You just have to build your project and it should work.

Hi, thaks for your reply, I was do that, I’m using the JMonkey SDK in Ubuntu 12.04, I don’t know if that is important.