Problem with displayBackBuffer

"Spadz" wrote:
the method textureX.setCombineScaleRGB(1.0f) won't take 0 as value. As i have wrote before, my code used to work before 0.7 from CVS with 0 as value. But as long as it works now...

Ok, that makes sense. scale, for some reason, used to be a set array of possibilities {1.0f, 2.0f, ....} And 0 meant to grab the 0th array position which was 1.0f. It was changed awhile back to not depend on a limited array of possibilities but unfortunately some people were using it already with the 0.

Maybe we should throw something if a 0 is used, but anyhow that's why your code used to work on the older version.
"tGiantLabs" wrote:
Mine is working!!!!!!!!!!

Hehe, great!

That explains why.

From what i’m testing, there is only 2 possible values : 1.0f and 2.0f.

Whatever you put else is invalid. I try looking in my OpenGL Red Book for 1.4, and i can’t find much about what are the possible values. The only thing i found is about GL_RGB_SCALE wich takes a float…

But when i try, say 1.5f, boom… if only two possible values exists, why not just use constants to avoid the confusion?

That’s why I put the values into the array, basically to simulate an enumeration (you can only use a 0 or 1 index to get the 1 or 2 value) it was strange, but forced correct values.

We’ll just have to put checks in the set method I suppose.

Looks like it can also be 4.0f from what I read on the web, but as a “scale” these seem silly… why even be a float if you can’t use fractional numbers? And if it’s 1, 2 and 4 why not be GL_ONE, GL_TWO and GL_FOUR or something, etc? Maybe they are leaving it open for future OpenGL versions.

Maybe, just maybe they have a sens of humour…

There must be some esoteric reason or something.

Anyway, what do you guys think should be a better alternative.

Constant values, array or magic. :smiley:

If its not possible to use 1.453636f (not that such a long number would be useful) , i vote for constant values.

what we really need is the enum feature of 1.5, which will be released before too long. Until then, yeah, we can make a constant, but it won’t be type safe.

I’d say leave as is for now. If you are using the scale feature of opengl, you should know what you are doing. Then when we move to enums we can implement that (rather than refactor now and then refactor again later for enums)

Good idea, at least we know what values to put.

Can’t wait for 1.5 to come out, and Eclipse to support it. The new features are interesting and should have been there long ago.

Anyways, thanks for the help guys. Keep up to good work.

"tGiantLabs" wrote:
My webstart version also does not want to work!
I'm really getting sick of this.........
I would really like to finish jMEditorV0.2.... Still using jME0.6.

Still working on your editor? I really liked what I saw.

me too, you said it would be ready 2 days after 0.7 and ive been waiting every since! :smiley: