Problem with exporting Blender models

Hello all,
Im having a pretty rookie question in regards to exporting Blender files to jme3. I am using Blender 2.7 and have correctly installed the jme3 OgreXml installer to its correct location. The problem I am having is that when exporting these models (in particular low poly trees) I get the correct .material and .mesh.xml but I am not receiving the .jpg or .png files to actually color the ‘grey’ imported model. I have tried messing around with Blenders export Ogre options such as “separate materials”, “export meshes”, “export materials”, but still have had no luck. Would appreciate the help, some pictures below to help ya out, thanks.

This is the model I’ve been trying to use. I have tried several models to help eliminate the fact something could be wrong with them.

This is what is being exported once I run the Blender Ogre Export. (Click on ‘X’ its an IMGUR link)

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Oh by the way,
what I am trying to accomplish is to be able to simply get free models from sites and then use blender to make them usable in JME3 if there is anything special I need to do for that please let me know. (that would be directly related to the problem I am having now).

Yep, the whole video is basically directly related to that, importing models and making them work in your game, your texture problem is mentioned right in the first part. Also note this document:

Hey thanks a lot Mr. Hansen. I also would like to say thank you for tutorial videos as well, those have helped me tremendously through my process of learning jme3. :stuck_out_tongue: