Problem with Feng GUI

Hi friends,

I have 2 classes: LoginScreen & OptionScreen. Both instantiate mouse, input… I go to OptionScreen from LoginScreen. However, My

mouse object is loaded without texture!

I have headache about that problem!

Please help me, thanks!

Why not just use one mouse then?

Say something like a InputSystem class?

i hav a problem using fengGUI… im using gamestate and i can't enter something in the textbox … it din take input key from the keyboard… any ideas ? what have i done wrong ?  :expressionless:

wakaoz, I think you need to offer a bit more information, because from that description it could be anything of a million things. Did the program even start up? Did you get any error messages?

Do other FengGUI elements in your program function as you desire? Is it that your elements can capture mouse events but not keyboard events? This kind of information would be useful for trying to help you.

yesh … hmmm … no errors … everything's alright … the buttons are working fine … just the textfield doesn't work as if it has been disabled … i try to click on it and type something  but nothing comes out … by the way, im using FengJMEInputHandler … does it restrict me from using the keyboard? mouse is fine … i using it to select buttons and so on …  :frowning: