Problem with import .blend, skeleton, animation, distortion

Animation working in blender, and not working in JME:

skeleton debugging in JME seems to me that the wand bone is disconnected from the others, since there is one green dot with no line to it. (The leftmost one, a little hard to see because it’s all green, but it’s not connected to any other in this picture.)

Could that explain something?

I checked the bones in blender and the parent is set for each bone, leading back bone-by-bone to the rootbone.

Apply the locations and rotations:

Apply the scales as well.

And if it doesn’t help pm me. If it is possible send me a link to your model and I will try to see what is wrong :wink:

And generally speaking it doesn’t look that bad. At least the hand is moving :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Public link to the model:


Everybody keeps saying that and posting links to that page, but the problem is it doesn’t look like that. I’m thinking the guide refers to an old version of Blender.

This is what it looks like to me(2.65 as you can see in the screenshot)

From the very vague text description on that page I haven’t figured out exactly what you mean by this:
" On 3D View editor on Blender, select the mesh in Object Mode and go to the 3D View Editor’s header → Object Menu → Apply → Location / Rotation / Scale."

I have however from other sources learnt to do this: CTRL-A brings up this menu:

And while I cannot click on all of them, clicking on either brings up a field to the left where I can click all of them. That’s what I’ve been doing on every occasion when I got the above instruction.

Am I doing it right or should I be doing something differently?

Also, I read somewhere that a person recommended using the nightly build of JME instead of RC2 as I am. It was in a reply to something similar, saying that “the importer in the nightly build is much better than the RC2”. Should I try that? (I downloaded the nightly but couldn’t figure how to use it yet).

I didn’t notice this before since I copied the file directly into the JME folder, but when using the actual importer window I saw that something is wrong with the arm. It shows up the same in the scenecomposer after import.

I have no idea why this happens though.

One idea I get is that maybe I’ve done something wrong when building the mesh and joining the parts. The model is made up of 5-6 separate meshes and after placing them where I wanted I joined them with CTRL-J to be able to move things around as one. I have no idea if this affects things, but it makes it different from all the other models I’ve used which only have 1 mesh and/or were made only from extruding and subdividing the cube.

I went back to the mesh, separated the parts (in Edit mode: press P and choose “separate by parts”),
then chose the Arm cylinder in object mode and applied R/L/S to it, then saved it.

Now the model imports and looks right but the animation does not play in JME. The animation plays fine in Blender.

Do I have to re-join the mesh parts into one ?

After separating mesh parts, going RLS on the arm, re-joining them then I can import the model and the arm looks good in JME.

The animation plays with the same problem as before.

In this video you can also notice that the guy’s mouth (black rectangle shaped mesh) joins in the movement. Why?

Could it be some error made when assigning parent from mesh to armature? I used the automatic heat function or what it is called, then manually removed the vertexes of the brim of the hat from all vertex groups since it for some reason joined in (even in blender it did).

I’m trying to debug this by going edit mode and selecting individual vertexes to see what bone (vertex group) they are assigned to. I made sure there’s only 2 groups (the armature has 5 bones but only 2 are used) , and the vertexes look right.
(second video in this post).

Blender allows to use multiple materials in one mesh. JME doesn’t so I had to create separate meshes for each material in the object.
So in the end you will not have one mesh for this object but several.
Some time ago there was a problem with animating such model because the importer had an error while assigning vertices to proper bones.
I fixed it several weeks ago so make sure you really use the latest nightly build.

I have also downloaded your model. I applied location/rotation/scale and played the animation.
Everything looked just as it looked in blender.
I used blender 2.66 to do that. After I selected the object (in object mode) I used the menu Object → Apply → Location (/Rotation/Scale).
Saved the model and player ArmatureAction for the node named ‘Cylinder’.
Try doing exactly the same :wink:

I will use your model to improve bones loading in the importer because apparently there are still situations when bones are not computed right without all those applies
but untill then I guess this will be needed.

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