Problem with importing model

I’m trying to import .blend House file but it doesn’t work.It gave no errors, just fail. I imported .obj house model to blender, created materials for meshes and saved.

Heres the model(9mb):

Is there some way to get your model without installing JZip?

I’ll upload .zip

Downloaded the model, but it was tricky.

When I load the model from Java I get an exception “No loader registered for type “tif””.

Apparently your model uses TIFF files. Apparently JME3 does not support this format. Try converting the textures to a different format before importing.

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Oh, forgot about that :smiley: Thanks!

Hm, changed to .png and refreshed materials with new path but still fail importing ;/

If you load it from Java (using assetManager.loadModel(modelAssetPath):wink: as I did before, you might get an exception which would explain what’s going on.

But I don’t have .j3o to load it from code. Using .blend doesnt work

If you add “jme3-libraries-blender” to your project’s libraries, you should be able to load .blend files from Java. Perhaps the importer won’t load this one, but from Java you’ll get further and maybe generate a useful diagnostic message.

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