Problem With Importing Objects

so hey everyone my Name is Eth And I started to use Jmonkey yesterday I have red a lot of tutorials and everything looks perfect! and I am planning to do a FPS game , anyways I have a problem with textdraw,I used blender to do a bench made of wood object and in blender it looks like this:

But when I try to import it to my project it looks like this:

I have tried a lot of things and non of it worked so IDK what’s wrong…

Thanks in advanced !

Ty but I already did that, I already downloaded “Wood Textdraw” and it has everything and still the same problem :confused:

Looks like either the texture wrap mode is not set properly, or the uv’s are missing.

Hey @eth.

From the pics you provided I guess that you load the model directly from blender file.

If yes then can you upload the model and post the link ?
I will take a look at it.