Problem with JBullet in jME Physics 2


it may be that I was doing something wrong, but there is no collision detection between dynamicNodes when I use JBullet  instead of the ODE implementation.

Did it with the class


To get JBullet instead of ODE I have in the class


wirtten a PhysicsSpace.chooseImplementation ("JBullet");

before setPhysicsSpace (PhysicsSpace.create ()); (about line 90)

The collision with the staticNode works…

I tryed to build this Test with jbullet-jme but can't find any MousePicker…

Need Help.


There is no MousePicker working in jmePhysics2 with jbullet afaik. Also, for me the jbullet implementation for jmePhysics2 never worked correctly. I'd suggest moving to jbullet-jme if you want to avoid using ODEjava and its bugs :wink:



P.S.: There is no mousepicker in jbullet-jme as well but you are very welcome to implement one and contribute it :wink:

Thanks for the fast answer.

Maybe later I will try to implement a mousepicker in jbullet-jme. But at the moment my knowledge about jbullet-jme is not good enough, for this…

And there is something strange with the collisions detection in jbullet-jme it work sometimes, randomly…

so I think I will try it with ODE first  :expressionless:

leviathan wrote:
I think I will try it with ODE first
Based on experience I'd have to say: leave JmePhysics2 well alone & use jbullet-jme instead - it will save you from a world of pain!

I spent well over a month using ODE JmePhysics2, getting to grips with it until I found features not implemented / not implemented correctly, then tried the jBullet JmePhysics2 version