Problem with JInput

I'm running into a little problem with JInput with regards to saving and loading keybindings.  Keyboard and Mouse bindings are serializable and I've added functionality to GameControl to have static methods save and load that take a GameSettings object and serialize the data to a byte array and push it in or pull it out.  However, JInput joystick controls do not implement serializable so if I set any joystick key for a binding I get an exception thrown.  I was hoping someone might have a solution to this problem as we don't control that source code.  I will probably put a request out to them to make it serializable, but it would at least be a while before that would be available for jME most likely.

Any ideas?

Nevermind, I went with some good advice by Irrisor to look up the joystick instead.  I store the name when the joystick is loaded and make the Joystick object transient so it doesn't try to save it.  If there is a request to get the Joystick object it cycles through all the joysticks and finds it by the name and sets it.

Thanks again Irrisor! :slight_smile: