Problem with .JME scale

Hi guys!!!

I have a problem when I convert .XML to JME…In the class that I use to covert, my objects…the scale is correct and the size that show on screem too…But when I use the main class of may game…the scales is wrong…My main class extends FixedFramerateGame and the class that I convert extends SimpleGame…Something that I can do?

In my main Class:

In the class that convert:

Here, my XML file…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <scene>
- <node name="Plane" translation="0 0 0" rotation="0 0 0 1" scale="104.2439804 104.2439804 104.2439804">
- <mesh name="Plane.nocull">

Hi Guys!

I find the error…but now I have one more problem…When I change the scale…triMesh.setLocalScale(new Vector3f(50, 50, 50))…for instance, my cursor get only the position (1, 1, 1)…get the positon only into the green square like show the image below…

…and no all the floor…

What can I do?

Thx a lot

Hi…me again…

when I call the method to show the position of vertex of my floor…


well, that's how it all works…when you translate, scale or rotate an object you don't really change the positions of the vertices. (cause that would be dead slow) you just change what the modelmatrix will be set to when the object will be rendered. and all vertices are multiplied by this modelmatrix(plus a viewmatrix and a projectionmatrix)


humm…nice to know this… :lol:

So, my model is the problem…Have a way that can I change the vertex position?

the method setVertexBuffer() do this???

Thx a lot mrCoder


The method setVertexBuffer() solve my problem…

public void setVertexPosition(){

??? Sorry, a I cant read your message