Problem with Jmonkey

Sorry if the post goes here, but can not find where to put it

That said, I present my name is alex and I wanted to ask for guidance as to jmonkey, thinking the other day a good way to practice with the Java Jmonkey found the engine of which offers the possibility to program with this language and I was very attracted to the idea.

Jmonkey I download the beta 3 and installed it, I have this neatbens 1.7 so I had to download it.

I followed the installation steps but not by that reason, it is as if I did nothing.

When you start jmonkey gives a warning about not finding the java libraries and asks me to close or continue without them. I do not know if the cause but when I try to start a new project, this does not generate or folders in the project. I’ve looked at some other forum and that all I meet is that once they too did the same and rejected the use of the engine.

It is an engine problem? Or esque one thing must be made to function properly? The power really wanted to try this and see how the engine works, not to comment to practice with Java: P

I hope your understanding about my lack of knowledge about and can help to assess the engine in question, think I’m not a Java bold as my knowledge in this are basic.

A greeting and thank you in advance!

JmonkeyEngine requires the java-jdk pre-installed.

Thanks for the quick response, unfortunately I had already installed the jdk, but still went back to install it.

Being equal, not build the project but I must say that now shows the error that came out at first.

Now we just need to build a project and start testing and learning, it may be due?

You do not need to download netbeans as well as the SDK, the SDK is stand-alone.

Can you post the full error message (including the stack trace)?

Why not try the default netbeans/jme ide instead of trying to combine them seperatly?

I marked the bug that I could not find the java libraries without them if I wanted to continue or close this to re-install the jdk to let out and now starts the jmonkey without any warning, but the problem is that I try to build a project and I can not generate anything, does not come out or the preparation of these.

Separately or together do not know at the time I did a short course of Java, where I install the java, the jdk and everything needed to program with.

Even the famous steps to configure android emulator for JME programming possible, but not much more … As you say I’m not a whiz on this topic.

Try adding the libraries mentioned in some forums directly to my own project neatbeans, but these are outdated or are not performing properly, I still do not find the JAR libraries that they mention. But what bothers me is that simply can not prove jmonkey, I can not even begin to work with.

and not for what reason, this does not generate any project, since it now shows me no error I mentioned before.

Thank you very much for your attention I hope can help me, and if not then bad luck but also thank


  1. Completely and totally uninstall jMonkeyEngine SDK.
  2. Find any directory is might have left behind in app data, local settings, whatever… wipe those out too. Leave no trace of jMonkeyEngine SDK.
  3. Make sure the JDK 6 or 7 is installed. Not just Java JRE, but the whole JDK.
  4. Install jMonkeyEngine SDK beta.

Well, at last! now if it works, I asked a working folder before opening and explain that the library had created neatbens imported, and now though! I created the new project.

Thank you very much for your attention: D