Problem with jMonkeyPlatform

Hi to all!

(sorry for poor English)

I’m have a problem with jMonkeyPlatform: When i’m running it display this:

But applications work fine (for example “game” with blue cube when runnek from jMPlatform) so I’m thinking that this is not a problem with my graphic card or drivers/

It is so odd, its like someone takes control of the “hardware” driver and then leaves the “software” driver for other applications to use …

Heya, that’s a known bug. Try closing all your open files in jMP then restart jMP. You’ll have to do this every time I think. Apparently maximizing the window is supposed to work as well but it doesn’t for me.

Well, what graphic card are you using? Have you confirmed that it is supposed to support OpenGL 2?

I assume you’ve updated to the latest drivers and checked if that fixed the error?

filinep - this don’t work also for me.


This are parameters of my enviroment:

Java: 1.6.0_20; OpenJDK Server VM 19.0-b09

System: Linux version 2.6.32-29-generic running on i386; UTF-8; pl_PL (Ubuntu 10.04)

NVIDIA Driver Version: 195.36.24*

Graphics Processor: GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS

*I know that are newer version of drivers, but i do’nt actualise it because as i know (after sesion with google) NVIDIA Drivers in this version support OpenGL2.

If there are newer drivers, please try them. We can only help you by narrowing down the possible errors, and confirming whether or not a driver update resolves the issue will get us one step closer to solving your problem.

Are you running compiz? If you are, try fall back to metacity using: metacity --replace

but make sure no java files are open in jMP. To go back to compiz use: compiz --replace

Regardless of whether you use compiz or not you should do as erlend_sh said, update your drivers :slight_smile:

I updated drivers. Don’t work.

And i’m observed that sometimes OpenGL window in jMonkeyPlatform work. But sometimes. Often I’m run JME - OpenGL don’twork, close it. Run again - OpenGL work. close. Run again OpenGL don’twork.

Betwen runing and closing i’m dont make any change in configuration of drivers, enviroments etc

And i’m not use Compiz.

Just for clarity, could you run glxinfo in a terminal? In one of the first lines (second or third I think) it contains a line saying something like OpenGL Version String: X.X and report that X.X?

At least that should show what version of opengl your system is using.

filinep said:
Heya, that's a known bug. Try closing all your open files in jMP then restart jMP. You'll have to do this every time I think. Apparently maximizing the window is supposed to work as well but it doesn't for me.

You can also just put the SceneViewer window on top (select the tab) before closing jMP, that works as well on my Mac. I can also just maximize the SceneViewer window once (double-click the tab) when that happens to make the OpenGL display start, even when I got an error before.

@normen - when I maximize the SceneViewer jMP freezes for me. Also when the SceneViewer is on top when I close jMP it still doesn’t work on restart. It only works when I close all java files in jMP before closing… usually. I’m running on ubuntu 10.10 64bit. It’s very tempermental :stuck_out_tongue: Could be a difference in mac and linux java implementation…

Like I said on the bug tracker, it’s prolly a race condition when the SceneViewer gets initialized. I noticed that when I open jMP just after closing it it loads the SceneViewer more often, I think because it is still cached which reduces the chance of the race condition occuring.

@balon - that happens for me as well where it only sometimes works. I used to use compiz, when I switched to metacity permanently it happened less often. You say you’re not using compiz anyway so it wont make a difference. One more question - are you using jMP alpha-4 and have it updated? And just out of curiosity, are you using metacity? If so, do you use it in composite mode?

filinep said:
Like I said on the bug tracker, it's prolly a race condition when the SceneViewer gets initialized.

Like I said on the bugtracker, we know what the problem is.

Oh that was you LOL, you didn’t use your normen667 username :slight_smile:

baalgarnaal: OpenGL version string: 2.1.2

filipnet: I’m use JMP alpha-4. Bug identicaly behavior before or after instalation.

I’m use default window menager on ubuntu 10.10. Without any “special” 3D etc efects.

could it be that this kind of error only occurs on linux (ubuntu)?

@core team: was there any bigger change lately (in the last 2-3 months) which could cause this problem? Because I think this problem has been emerged recently.

@doe300 - Its not really a recent bug, it’s been known about since at least May last year. Also it affects @normen too and he’s on a Mac if I’m not mistaken. As @normen mentioned, the team knows where the bug is. They’re just trying to decide how best to deal with it (if I understood correctly). It does appear to affect linux ppl worse though imo.

@balon - I don’t know what else to suggest, sorry. For now just keep opening and closing jMP until it works :stuck_out_tongue: