Problem with loading 3D Max that used in FixedLogicrateGame's child


class TestMaxJmeWrite extends SimpleGame


It's OK with 3D Max

However, if

[move][/move]class TestMaxJmeWrite extends FixedLogicrateGame


I can't see the textures on my 3D Max.

Please help me!

You are propably missing a lightState + Light in your Scene with FixedLogicrateGame.

The Purpose of SimpleGame is, to provide these basic things already for you.

So if you move from SimpleGame to another *Game implementation, you need to set up these things yourself.

Take a look at SimpleGame/BaseSimpleGame to see whats missing.

hi Core-Dump,

It's OK when I add lightState + Light in my Scene. Thank you so much!

However, my 3D Max don't have KeyFrameController. How to solve?

i never used animated models, maybe someone else can give an input

Someone can help me to solve that problem! Help!!!

By default, 3D Max object will have KeyFrameController.