Problem with Models and there MTL file

When i load my models they dont have any textures on them. I have my models as .OBJ and i have the .MTL file loaded with the obj file. I have checked the path of the MTL file but still nothing. What can i do?

The objects only show in grey color.

Hello :smile:

I might be wrong on this, I’ll check in a moment, yet I’m pretty sure the MTL files just point to the location of the tex file. Are these in the same places, and if you open the MTL in a text editor, do the locations match up?

Yes the locatio match up but still nothing

Hm, try converting it to Jmonkey’s native j3o format. Right click on your obj and select convert to j3o.

I’ve had this and it was the paths in the MTL. Post the material for one of them in the mtl, so the newmtl “NAME” down to map_Kd

thanks for the help