Problem with model's textures

I had problem with big city model so i cut it on 3 pieces. All work perfect now except textures.

Here’s screen from SketchUp:

I exported it from sketchup to OBJ file.
Opened obj in blender, and here’s also no problem with textures:
Screen 2

In blender i only rotated model and scaled some and saved as .blend.
Then i imported it in JME. Here’s screen from preview model - hard to see on screen but when i zoom, here’s also no problems with textures.

After all i open it up in Scene Composer and got glitched textures:

What can be wrong?

Hard to tell from the pictures but maybe the image was not properly set as y-flipped during one of the import steps.

You could generate the j3m file in scene composer and edit it… but I don’t know/remember off the top of my head how to y-flip a texture in the j3m file.