Problem with near Plane

I’m using the sdk version 3.3.2.
When I use the scene editor, I have the Problem, that no matter what I configure in the “Near Plane” Slider on the bottom right, it doesn’t change anything. If the Camera is to near it wont render. What am I doing wrong? (This doesnt happen if i import the file as fbx instead of gltf)

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That is really strange and I cannot (yet) imagine why it would make a difference between fbx and gltf.
All I can help you with is maybe trying to play around with the situation to find more information.
Oh and if it’s a sketchfab generated gltf: They generate quite a few nodes with some weird scalings, maybe you can remove some of those to have the default near clipping be okay, anyway, because it will affect your game as well.

it is an asset created with makehuman and overworked with blender. Should I upload the gltf File (or the j3o) somewhere?

You can try other gltf files and/or maybe converting a pre 2.8 blender file directly and see if that works.

normal gltf files (not from makehuman) dont have that problem.

ok, I found the problem,
It looked like the near plane doesn’t work but actually the scaling-import (in gltf files) sometimes doesn`t Work properly.

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