Problem with Ogre files

I am having a problem with Ogre files. Our animator created this file in Maya then uses the OgreMaxSceneExporter for Maya plugin to export the model. It come in fine but when its animations are turned on meshes disappear. This same model worked fine in JME2 but has problems in JME3. I am using JME3 r6518. The image is of the model walking. I hope you can see the missing meshes. Has anyone had this problem or know why this is happening.

No help??

Is there any reason why this Ogre model would lose meshes during animation cycles going from JME2 to JME3?

No help, you stole our icons :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s strange… maybe try to do TangentBinormalGenerator.generate(mesh).

but that’s a blind guess really.

also the problem could be due to the fact that you can’t attach more that 4 vertice to a bone…but i guess that was the same in JME2 since it’s pretty much an ogre limitation.

I like your reply that’s funny. I stole some of your code too.