Problem with OgreXML/Blender/jMP

Well, it works. For all the others having the same problem:

Before exporting:

-Open each mesh in Edit mode, select every vertices [“A”] and “recalculate normals outside” [ctrl+n] to avoid problems with meshes and lights in the app.

-Select armature and mesh in Object mode and “scale and Rotation to ObData” [ctrl+a] to avoid issues with the orientation and dimensions of the models.


Try the “Create Physics Collision Shape” button in the SceneComposer of jMP.

-Right click on the "scene.j3o" -> edit in sceneComposer
-Left click on sceneComposer Window
but I can't find the "create physics collision spahe button". Where is it?


Its in the middle of the SceneComposer window “create/update mesh shape”: