Problem with popup menu (Nifty)

I coulnd’t find an answer anywhere, and this is the last problem I have and my game will be… well, not ready, but at least in beta:P I need to create a popup menu, so I tried following this tutorial , however, my IDE can’t find the Menu class. I can’t figure out wether I’m missing it from my nifty lib, or I should create it myself, implementing some interface. Could someone please point me in the right direction or link me to a working example so I can reverse engineer it?

Are you using beta or still an alpha version?

Of what? What I meant, is that as soon as I get that popup menu working, my game will be in kind of beta and ready for testing.

Of jMonkeyEngine.

Ok I upgraded it to beta, and it has the Menu class so I can create a popup by using the “niftyPopupMenu” template. However as soon as I change the popup id in xml and try to create that popup I get a NullPointerException, excactly like wutklumpen here: (incidentally I also posted there the nature of my problem and the xml I use).