Problem with process obstacles!

On my terrain, I want to render a pool at specific location, just one!

Anybody can help me, please!

That does not explain very well what the problem might be… My answer would be, simply add the "pool" to the scene graph and modify its translation to its desired place… Is this what you mean? Do you mean something about water?  :?

You could use a disc primitve and apply a waterpass to it, similar to TestSimpleQuadWater.

Thanks a lot, my friends!

I solved that problem!

And now, I need to create a marsh! how to do that?


I think it would be advisable to work through tutorials and have a look at scores of examples provided by jME - jmetest folder. I know beginners(including myself few months back) are really eager to start creating things but it helps a lot to practice tutorials and play around with them - especially the ones provided in wiki for SimpleGame and FlagRushTutorial for BaseGame. Enjoy!

Good Luck,