Problem with Quaternions [ Resolved ]

Hi all,

Today i have a problem with Quaternions. I will explain my poblem, so i have a camera and one Spatial. I would like that my character look where the camera look at. I took the camera Quaternion and now i’ve want to take the rotation from the Z axis how shall we do this ? Do you have a solution ?

First Solution :


But i have a bug. In a certain position my character want to turn. :frowning:

I found the fonction for this.

If somebody is interested :


//In the Declaration

float[] f = new float[3];

//In the Update//

f = (cam.getRotation().toAngles(null));

//In the ActionListener//

ninja.setLocalRotation(quat.fromAngles(0, f[1], 0));[/java]

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