Problem with removeFromParent() and Thread

As simple as that: Don't access the scenegraph from more than one thread or synchronize your access. :slight_smile:

A simple way to get an action into the main/game thread is via InputHandlers or Controllers. But you can use Runnables or Futures as well - or implement a custom way as well (e.g. in your game loop).

Using a thread for this is a really bad idea.

You should subclass Controller, increment some variable by tpf and when it reaches 10 you call removeFromParent() on the Node.

there is actually a TimedLifeController you can use.

you just have to implement the updatePercentage method.

       public void updatePercentage(float percentComplete) {
          if (percentComplete == 1.0f) {

Thanks so much everybody for the help. I just implemented the TimedLifeController, quickly and very elegantly. I was really on the wrong path using Threads for what I wanted.

  Thanks again, the jME community and software is wonderful and I'm glad to be part of it.

best regards