Problem with renderstates and Spatial.putClone()

I have a problem with texture states on cloned models. As soon as the original (the one with a cloneID=-1) is not visible (culled) the clones loose their texture.

The clones are created with:

Node newNode = new Node("NPC"+id);

n.putClone(newNode, new CloneCreator(n));

where n is the loaded model and id is a running number.

It was an update function again.

Using that:



newNode.updateGeometricState(0, true);


I really think jME should have state flags to know when to update what and do that automatically on draw(). It's just too easy to forget some update function especially when the program gets bigger.

It would require some thinking and implementation work to be done, but would I agree it would be very useful to update things like render states on demand… consider making a feature request in the issues list on…