Problem with RMF!

I want to create a map by RMF format. But don't know where to start!

First I have heard of it… but ok…

RMF = Rich Map Format (Worldcraft Half-Life mapping tool)

Here I found some tutorial for mapping

Another connected tutorial

This one seems the best link of the three… a WiKi entry for an actual editor… However Read this quote from there: 'Valve Hammer Editor version 4.0 saves a level file in .vmf format by default. Before this, it saved a level file in the binary, proprietary .rmf or text-based, human-readable .map format. The .vmf format is a simple file that contains all the information about a level in a format vaguely similar to an XML file. ’

Now… it seems to me that you might not want this rmf, if there are better options available… Anyways google is your friend…

Edit: also - if you want to create a way of importing these maps to jME, then I guess a good place to look are the built in importers that jME has already… to see how they work. And also the other model loading projects that can be found in the user-code section of the forum.

Well, I just want to create a map in my project. And now, I hesitate to use .vmf format.

Do you have any suggest to create a map by best your way?

P/S: I would like to create a map that every player can move to any location on map, just have house, tree… are obstacles.

Well for terrain one good option is of-course MonkeyWorld3d.

You might also want to check out the source for project Radakan - I do not know how far it is along but the story is that it has a good terrain editor and you’d be able to rip off some of that game-code as well.