Problem with running com.jmetest.physicstut.Lesson#

I have problem with runing those lessons :frowning: i get an exeption.

IllegalStateException "No physics implementation was registered nor found!"

Can anybody tell me how to fix this?? thx in advance.

i think that happens when you forget setting the native library location for odejava-jni.jar

Do you mean this VM option -Djava.library.path="D:DokumentyNetBeansProjectsjME2jME2liblwjglnativewin32";"D:DokumentyNetBeansProjectsjME2jME2Physicsimplodelib"?

i think so yes

I get the same error even if I specify the runtime path correctly. I remember seeing somewhere that we should use a certain version of ODE with JmePhysics, otherwise it doesn't recognize the jar… Any ideas?

Fixed the problem, my bad. For those interested, had to put odejava-jni.jar on my classpath on top of specifying it with java.library.path