Problem with StandardGame!

Hi guys,

Does StandardGame just only compatible with JAWT, not JOGL? And what is difference?

jME originally uses LWJGL and there is a JOGL implementation being implemented. But its not fully implemented, so i recomend you to use LWJGL till we dont have a full implementation for JOGL.

My problem is StandardGame.getSettings.setRenderer("JOGL") will throw exception, but not "JAWT"

JAWT? That's not a valid option, so it's just defaulting to lwjgl.  My guess is you probably have the libs setup fine for lwjgl (the native ones) but not JOGL.

Thanks Renanse,

I appreciate your help!  : :slight_smile:

The only thing I can think of to try is wrapping all the init stuff up in a GameTaskQueue entry and seeing if that makes any difference…that would tell you if it's related to multi-threading.

I've been playing around with StandardGame and the DebugGameState lately.  I was wondering if anyone else had noticed that if you use the JOGL Renderer (I had to explicitly change the setting in the code to get it) that you don't get "First Person" mode anymore.  What I mean is that you see the mouse cursor and must click around to change the view.

I know the the JOGL Renderer isn't ready yet, but how close is it in JME 2.0?  Is what I'm seeing a side-effect of the renderer not being complete, or is it something else?  Btw, I've checked out JME from the Subversion repository, so it should be the latest.


Here's my code

def displayMode = DisplayModeChooser.prompt()

def game = new StandardGame("A Simple Test")
def gameSettings = game.settings
gameSettings.renderer   = displayMode.renderer
gameSettings.width      = displayMode.width
gameSettings.height     = displayMode.height
gameSettings.fullscreen = displayMode.fullScreen
gameSettings.depth      = displayMode.bitDepth
gameSettings.depthBits  = 8

GameTaskQueueManager.getManager().update ({
   def box = new Box("my box", new Vector3f(0, 0, 0), 2, 2, 2);
   box.setModelBound(new BoundingSphere());

   def state = new DebugGameState();

} as Callable)

Don't be too weirded out by the syntax.  It's in Groovy.  I also wrote my own preferences dialog, but I've even tried using the default one and programatically setting the renderer to JOGL.  Same effect.  Everything renders correctly... it's just that with LWJGL you automatically go into a First-Person mode where the cursor isn't visible, and with JOGL, you aren't in First Person mode.

Do you reproduce this bug now with the latest version of JME 2.0?

yep its still like that.

In TestStandardGame  the cursor is now hidden, but you need to press left mouse button to look around, with lwjgl you dont need to press the mouse.