Problem with Text on linux


I've been learning jME for a while now and been using it on os x mainly (works great) but now that i've been trying to use it on linux (ubuntu) i've run into odd problem:

When drawing plain text using default font the text is just plain garbage, for example the fps display of simplegame:

  1. it only shows now and then (usually when moving in scene)
  2. text is just one character repeated many times (i.e. 20x 'j')

    Any ideas what might cause this? Text3d demos work fine.



well I cant tell you whats going on with your program, but I can tell you I use Ubuntu Linux and text works fine for me.

Text uses display lists whereas Text3D does not.  Perhaps this is a driver issue?

Problem solved,

This was caused due to Xgl reserving opengl context. when run without Xgl works fine.

I'm not sure if the actual problem was wrong configuration of my Xgl or a LWJGL incompatibility.