Problem with the last JmeBinaryReader from cvs


i’ve just check out today and i’ve got problem with JmeBinaryReader, there’s no exception but the texture doesn’t appear on my model. When i rollback to the old JmeBinaryReader everythings ok.

alas it’s unusual for me, but I had not checkout from cvs since 3-4 weeks (i had not the time ) so i can’t say exactly when my code broke with cvs version.

What are the change in JmeBinaryReader ?

must i change my code with this new version ?

must i re-convert my jme model with the new jmeBinaryWriter ?

thanks for help…


Ok i’ve found the solution 8)

reconvert the model to jme format and it’s ok…

sorry for this useless post…://



The .jme format now supports multitexturing so it has a change in it’s format.