Problem with the OGG loader


unfortunately i have another bug to report :wink: with the OGG loader. In my special case i get an IndexOutOfBounds at line 140 for


data.put(dataBytes, 0, totalBytes).flip();


The output for the uncommented syso’s is:

Sample Rate: 48000

Channels: 2

Stream Length: 6139904

Bytes Calculated: 24559616

Bytes Available: 24555520

which says that the calculated “totalBytes” are 4096b bigger than the available “dataBytes”. Trying to copy the dataBytes with a bigger length leads than to the “index out of bounds”.

To be honest i don’t know a solution by now cause i don’t know the internals of that audio-ogg/vorbis stream and why the latest commit/bugfix was made.

I hope this is a help.

Thanks, fixed