Problem with timer and SpatialTransformer


I've got a complex question:

In my game I create a procedural planet and let rotate a skysphere with a sun around it.

The skysphere is controled using a SpatialTransformer.

The time that passes before the first frame is drawn is quite long, because I need to create the complex forms for the planet and the skyboxes inside the game, not before the game-object is created.

The problem is:

Whenever I start the game, a few seconds have already passed and the spatial transformer rapidly rotates the sun and the sky to the new position during the first few frames.

I tried to play with the timer singleton, but there doesn't seem to be a reset mechanism.

What could I do to reset the timer and the animation when I leave my initGame() method ?

I later want to create a menu and give the player the opportunity to restart at time zero, but terrain needs to be recalculated inside the game and timer needs to be reset then…

thanks for any help / hint on this topic

I have added such a reset method as I think it’s really needed. I have also created an Issue for this as I think even a non-smoothed timer could be useful. May it should be possible to multiple timers?