Problems compiling jME2 sources to JARs - Precompiled Libraries

First post here…

I was trying all afternoon yesterday to compile the jME2 sources into JARs with no luck.

I used both Netbeans 6.7 and Eclipse Galileo but eitherway i got no result.

In Eclipse an least it was auto-building (when you first put the project in from SVN) but when I ran build.xml (ran as -> ant build, with only dist-all selected in targets tab) following one of the tutorials, i got this error message:

Buildfile: C:...DocumentsEclipseProjectsjmebuild.xml
    [echo] jmeKeyStore
   [javac] Compiling 820 source files to C:...DocumentsEclipseProjectsjmebuild

C:...DocumentsEclipseProjectsjmebuild.xml:71: Error running javac.exe compiler

Total time: 3 seconds

Am I doing something wrong? Have any of you actually followed any of the tutorials and got the sources compiled?

Furthermore, in one of the tutorials on Netbeans 6.7, the author says to use the precompiled libraries from Google Code (jME_2.0_Complete_(r4093).zip), but as the name suggests it is an old build dating to January. If it is as difficult to compile as it has been for me, then i suggest that someone updates those libraries, lets say once a month. Or make a new post here with a link or something.

Anyway, I just put down my thoughts. Thanks in advance for any help on compiling the sources.


Make sure you have a JDK installed.

The issue of not having current jars for download is known and should be fixed soon(er or later).