Problems creating a project with existing source in JMP

I have a project I’ve been developing in eclipse and I’m importing it into JMP so that I can let it create an applet. I would be happy to do that by hand, but I can’t find information on how the process goes (i.e. which jars are extracted into code.jar and where the other jars come from,etc… I even tried to find the ant script which does it by looking in the project folders, but thats neither here nor there…).

Anyway, I’ve created a new project and linked all the necessary libraries in JMP. When I click “run” on my main class the program runs as expected. However when I click the build button I get the following when trying to build the applet:

Applet Creation

Expanding: /home/josh/Codes/java/jmonkeyplatform/jmonkeyplatform/libs/ into /home/josh/Codes/java/forestrunner/dist/Applet

Moving 1 file to /home/josh/Codes/java/forestrunner/dist/Applet

/home/josh/Codes/java/forestrunner/nbproject/lwjglapplet-impl.xml:22: Warning: Could not find file /home/josh/Codes/java/forestrunner/${assets.jar.resolved} to copy.

BUILD FAILED (total time: 12 seconds)

I looked in nbproject/ and assets.jar.resolved is not among them.

In my project (using the gui) I go to ->properties->Build->Assets and enter the following:

assets JAR Name: assets.jar

assets JAR Excludes: [empty]

assets Folder Location: assets

Compress Assets JAR: [unchecked]

my assets are located in forestrunner/assets where forestrunner is the root of the project

Anyone have any ideas why JMP is choking on this setup?

So you created a new “BasicGame” project? Thats required for applet / android etc. deployment.

I did not, I created a new “Java project with existing sources”. In any case, I apologize for the dumb question. I was accidentally using the old alpha 4 JMP, not the new beta. I forgot that I still had the old one installed and just launched it from the wrong directory. Using the new beta JMP seems to build fine.

Wow, nice, guess my fallback routines work so good they can adopt the project :wink: Thanks for reporting back.

It looks like it. Plus one for programming paranoid. Thanks!