Problems doing a model load

Hello everybody!

I'm new to jme and tried to do the demos and tutorials. My only problem was at the modelloader tutorial. I fetched the new file and replaced the old code. I did the setup for netbeans 5.5 like it was writen in the tutorial for setting up netbeans (all finished without any error).

When I'm starting this tutorial for model loading, I got an nullpointerexception at jmetest.TutorialGuide.HelloModelLoading.simpleInitGame and there in the URL. I can change the path to an obj-File in my sourcecode, it has no result. The program allways get the URL written in the  jmetest.TutorialGuide.HelloModelLoading.simpleInitGame. I changed the name of the obj-file and then this error appears. I will load my own data and never the data from the testclass.

Do you have any idea?



If you don't change the URL to your local model can you see the Maggie face in the test?