Problems during Android deploy


I am new to JME. Cause its sais it has a 1 - click deploy for Android, I give it a try.
So I was spending some time to import Meshes from Blender and try some Rigids and Shadows.
So far I could solve all Problems via Google and Youtube. But today I try to deploy to Android.
I switch on the debug mode on my P30 pro and follow the helppage and some websites. Though with no success, so Ospent the last hours with try some search results on google, but none of them works for me.
At the moment I’m facing “java.lang.InternalError: Could not obtain X500Principal access

knows somebody an actual tutorial/example that works with the aktuall Version of JME I was downloading last week?
Also I just^recorgnize I can’t search for updates because JME claims its got no access to the internet.